Trying to describe LBRY (Pronounced Library) is not simple, imagine Youtube meet Bittorrent and Bitcoin, is probably the best way to put it …. On the technical side of things, it’s a decentralized network based on a Blockchain and Bittorrent.

You can host anything on it, put a price on it (Of free), like Bittorrent, but mostly used for Video as an alternative to Youtube.

The biggest appeal of that piece of software is, obviously, the fact that nobody can control what’s on the LBRY Network, the LBRY creator can only control what’s on the “Front” website, LBRY.TV soon to be . This means that you can see the whole spectrum of political views, it’s a good thing in most cases, but expect some extreme views, there’s also a lot of Youtube creators using it as a backup, or alternative way to deliver their content (Without youtube monetization obviously) …

Cryptocurrencies is a hot topic, LBC is at the time of the typing of this, at roughly 0.15 $ US, it’s a mined currency, that can now be only mined by specialized ASICS, i don’t really want to delve on the topic of Cryptocurrencies and the fact that it use HUGE amount of energy, the bad side of mined Cryptocurrencies really… You can earn some LBC by using the service, or buy some on some exchange or directly with LBRY.

But intrinsically, LBRY is a really interesting, and elegant solution to host files, on a decentralized network, specially for multimedia files that can be downloaded a lot (So many peer) .

The LBRY application is available on Windows, Linux, Android, IOS, Mac OS, and works on all major browsers .

Here some interesting content creator on LBRY: